Community Resources

Biofarm is not aligned with a political party or designation, however we partner with all organizations that promote healthy community living, free of the use of toxic chemicals and pesticides. The following organizations have toxic free living initiatives and have been instrumental in enhancing the health of our regional community.

Community Agencies with Toxic Free Living Initiatives

sidebar-logo-150x150 Abundance NC has a mission to cultivate and celebrate community resilience.

Abundance NC envisions a future in which North Carolina is made up of flourishing and resilient local communities, where people know their neighbors and depend on one another to meet their needs for healthy food, renewable energy and other resources, locally and sustainably. Our goal is to make it easy for people to live in harmony with nature and to become more free and self-sufficient, while at the same time being more connected to, and interdependent with, the people in their local communities. An interconnected community that takes care of the land it depends on is a strong community.


Our mission is to engage North Carolinians in the transition to a toxic-free society through initiatives that promote human and environmental health. We envision North Carolina as an integral member of a just global community where human and environmental health are valued, respected, and enjoyed by all.
North Carolina MomsRising is the first state chapter of, a national non-profit group working to bring together millions of people who want a more family-friendly America.