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Why become a member of Biofarm Food Hub? The first reason is because it is the perfect time to start making connections directly between farmers and restaurants! Biofarm wants to help create a strong regional economy based on regional supply and demand. You can help guide what the Biofarm supplies and aggregates. The opportune time to sign up is now, while we are still making plans for next season’s crops and connecting with other suppliers.

Chefs & Restaurant Managers: We want to deliver what your restaurant is looking for. Is there an organic or sustainably grown item that you have been trying to source regionally that simply has not been available or does not match the price point that you are willing to pay? We want to know about it. Our communications team will work with you to make sure that we can provide what you need. Berry Desserts

: We want to help you connect with buyers. Through our system, you have the opportunity to maintain a professional sales and marketing relationship with our buyers and promote the credibility and value of your business.


Biofarm Offers:

  • Niche organic crops that are not easily sourced elsewhere; organic restaurant supplies, organic regionally sourced cooking oils, culinary herbs, and ingredients.
  • Organic restaurant degreasers and soaps that are manufactured right here in Pittsboro, NC using ingredients that are sourced largely from farms in the Southeast and botanicals grown on the Biofarm.
  • Fast, convenient product delivery or pick-up from an accessible and centrally located food storage facility.
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    Buyer Membership Benefits
  • Join as a Buyer and receive special offers for Biofarm™ Farm & Restaurant Supplies and gain access to purchase produce directly from regional farmers with wholesale pricing. Take advantage of convenient delivery and pick-up options and other food hub accommodations such as refrigeration and storage. Benefits of Buyer membership will be emailed to you.
  • Seller Membership Benefits
  • Join as a Seller and gain access to list and sell your produce directly to local chefs and restaurants. Gain entry to Biofarm™ distribution channel and other food hub accommodations such as refrigeration and storage. Take advantage of collaborative social marketing of your business. Benefits of Seller membership will be emailed to you.
  • Become a Biofarm member today!